step 1

Get Prospects

Click on the following button to get our chrome extension!

The above video runs you through how you need to pass your LinkedIn details to LeadsCraft so that we can find leads for you from your LinkedIn account automatically. The process of finding an email for each user could take up to one minute per email. You can let our system run for you in the background and come back once it is done.

Sending Mails:

The check boxes in the rows you see in the video after generating leads are used to delete the leads that you don’t want to keep.
The ‘Send Mail’ button will then send mails to every person on your list in bulk.

If you like to only find a single E-mail, you can look at our ‘Single Email Finder’ video. This would cost you only one credit if you enter the required information manually and 3 credits if you want us to do it for you.

Things To Remember:

  • The search term is what we will be using to look for people in your LinkedIn reach. This term could be found in a persons LinkedIn title field or anywhere in their profile.
  • We charge 4 credits per email address that we find for you through this method.
  • You must have a well connected LinkedIn network for you to get the most out of this feature.
  • You can start by creating a number of alias accounts on LinkedIn, and warm them up. Meaning, you must make a steady growth of connections and use the search option to find people of your interest and connect with them. Do this for about a week.
  • Once you are done you can start getting prospects by using this feature to scrape public data of leads from your network and find their email addresses.
  • Start with 5-10 prospects a day and then slowly increase it to a maximum of 30 per LinkedIn account. Scraping for more leads too fast might result in your account getting blocked by LinkedIn.
  • You are limited to only 10 leads at a time if you decide to go with the ‘get prospects’ automation.
  • You can add html code in our mails to make them look the way you want.
  • It is left to you to understand scraping laws and not infringe them. We will not be held responsible for any legal infringements caused by the use of our tool. The user will solely be responsible/liable for any calls placed using our tool. That being said we only facilitate scraping public information from LinkedIn as of now.

How to use LeadsCraft’s automation features:

  • You first need to have a few LinkedIn profiles set up. The number of profiles you need will be based on the number leads you plan to find with each account per day.
  • You can start with about 4 leads per day for a week or two from each account, and slowly move it up to 15-18 leads per account. We strongly advise you to not do more than 18 ‘Find Leads’ searches per account per day.
  • Once you create a LinkedIn account you must warm it up. Meaning, get connected with people, add a profile picture, content and get your activity to be as human as possible, for at least a week before using the ‘Find Leads’ feature.
    Until then you can use the ‘Find Single Email’ LinkedIn URL option or just manually enter the required info in the form to get E-mails.
  • If you are using the ‘Find Single Email – LinkedIn URL’ option do not do more than 6 URLs per day per account when you start off. You can slowly move it up to 40 per day per account.
  • Never put the same information or links on the individual accounts that you are creating for this.
  • If you don’t follow the guidelines given by us, your LinkedIn profile might end up getting blocked.
  • We don’t give you credits on a per day basis or a per person basis. We give you a pool of credits for your company on the whole which any user in your company can make use of. We also do not limit you in terms of the amount of scraping you want to do per day. It is left to you to follow the guidelines we have mentioned.
  • If you get blocked by LinkedIn in might not always happen immediately, it might take a few hours for you to be blocked, so don’t scrape too much too fast, with the idea that you can continue to do it without a problem.
  • Getting blocked might result in the IP(s) that we have assigned for you to get blacklisted. In the case that this happens you will need to purchase a new set of IP(s).

step 2

How to make bulk calls

To get your robot to make bulk calls to leads and qualify them, you must first setup your robot. To do so reach out to us here. You can also click on the ‘support’ button at the bottom of your login page.

Once your bot is setup follow the steps in the video to upload all your numbers and get the bot to make calls to them.

Things To Remember:

  • You can only make test calls to your number a couple of times to experience a demo of how our call bot works, if you are on your TRIAL.
  • You will need to speak to us to setup a call bot for you. We offer standard bots for free based on the plan that you decide to take. If you want a customized training for your call bot you will have to choose our custom plan.
  • Calls come at a per minute cost depending on the country of you choice. You will need to pre pay a balance onto your number so that you can make these calls.
  • You can purchase a number local to the region in which you plan to make these calls.
  • It is left to you to understand telcom laws and not infringe them. We will not be held responsible for any legal infringements caused by the use of our tool. The user will solely be responsible/liable for any calls placed using our tool.

Note: Some parts of the video have been edited to maintain the privacy of the folks that got the demo ready for you.

step 3

How to get a persons E-mail using their LinkedIn profile URL

We allow you to enter a persons LinkedIn URL to get their E-mail. Our scraper uses your session details to login as you and get the professional E-mail address of the person of interest. We charge you 3 credits per verified E-mail address found.

step 4

How to find a persons email using their first name, last name and company name

The most economic way to use your credits on LeadsCraft would be to just enter the First Name, Last Name, Company Name / Domain Name, and we’ll find the E-mail address of the person you require. For this, we charge only 1 credit per verified E-mail Address.

You can always reach us for any kind of support that you might require. Verifying E-mails is generally a costly affair, and we understand how an unverified E-mail is of no use to you, and can even hurt your E-mail reputation, so we make sure to only deliver quality and make it count.

Facebook Crawler - Send Messages Automatically

Below is the demo. We’ll be showing you how you can automate messenger send outs to people looking for a job in Bangalore.
The messaging from different accounts takes some time in the demo, the delays are in place so than your account doesn’t get blocked by Facebook.
Messages are scheduled for random intervals to ensure that you reach a good number of people while not spamming them or getting blocked by Facebook.


How many messages can I send?

Approximately 900 per month per Facebook account for unlimited number of Facebook accounts.

The Below Instructions Are For Existing Users To Refer To While Doing The One Time Setup:

Here’s how you can link your Facebook account(s) to LeadsCraft to send automated messages to potential leads on Facebook.

STEP 1: Setup

You’ll need to follow the below steps for multiple chrome sessions. We’ll show you how to do that right at the end of this demo.

To setup the crawler you need to install 3 chrome extensions

  • Proxy Helper
  • User-Agent Switcher and Manager
  • Cookie Editor

The above image contains the icons of the specific extensions that are required from the chrome store. Once installed follow the below steps:

  1. Proxy Helper

    You need to change your IP address to one of the IPs provided to you in your LeadsCraft account.
    The below video will show you how to do that.

  2. Where can you find your IPs?

    Remember to use only one IP per chrome session and Facebook account.

    You can use one of the IPs as show in the video to set up proxy helper as in the previous video.

  3. User-Agent Switcher and Manager

    Copy this value and paste it in the extension as shown in the video.

    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) HeadlessChrome/80.0.3987.122 Safari/537.36

  4. Cookie Editor

    Log in to your Facebook account and pass session details to LeadsCraft as shown in the video so we can find potential leads for you and automate messages to them through a random scheduler.

    Doing this gives our tool the permission to use your Facebook account to automate messages to your potential leads.

step 2

Scraping Engagements From Posts

Follow this video to scrape engagements (potential leads) from a post. You can then send automated messages to each of these potential leads. LeadsCraft will handle that part for you.

In this video we will try to find people looking for a job in Bangalore.
First, we identify a Facebook post with a good number of reactions, then extract links to the profiles of people that have liked, commented and shared the post.

step 3

Tell LeadsCraft To Automate Messages To Your Prospects

You need to provide LeadsCraft with 3 to 9 variations of the same message you’re trying to send out to your prospects, and then automate the send-outs as shown in the video.

Sending More Messages

To send more messages you must create more chrome sessions and setup each session as mentioned in step 1.

Right now, 1 Facebook account is limited to around 900 messages per month.
You can increase the number of accounts you use to send more messages.

Here’s how it is done.